We All Do Our Part

Diversity is crucial to build a successful business.

That’s why we choose to surround ourselves with colleagues who can contribute unique perspectives to all aspects within the business and collaborate with the team to meet our goals beyond our differences.

Our Culture

Inspire us to do our best and achieve our goals.

Encourages a strong spirit of cooperation and collaboration to push forward the discovery, development, and commercialization of our products.

It is based on integrity, ethics, good decision making and behaviors that reflect our values.

Commitment to the medical and scientific community

Focusing on rare diseases and oncology, Varifarma is a company dedicated to developing and producing high-quality medications, with the goal of ensuring that patients in the region have access to the best available treatments

We are recognized for our ongoing commitment to the medical and scientific community, as well as for our focus on innovation and continuous improvement of our areas and production processes, which are supported by strict control processes that meet both national and international quality standards.

Our most valuable asset is our collaborators, who renew their commitment to professionalism every day, focusing on our patients as their main motivation.